Groundcover Roses


Transform your lifeless borders into oases of colours with a bed of groundcover roses.

Ground cover roses come in many forms, but they are all distinguished by their long branches which spread over the ground rather than vertically. Often with little or no scent, what they may lack in fragrance, they make up by producing an abundance of pretty blooms in even the smallest of spaces, brightening up any garden.

You Garden offer the world's best-selling ground cover rose aptly named "Flower Carpet" which can produce up to 2,000 flowers per season per plant. Compact, spreading, disease-resistant and repeat-flowering, it is also low maintenance and requires no complex pruning - all you need to do is keep it in shape and prune its centre occasionally to allow air circulation!

Due to their compact nature, it can be difficult to weed a bed of ground cover roses, but as they are not quite compact enough to exclude all light, weeds do grow between plants. You Garden recommend the application of a thick layer of mulch before planting, and every year, to control their growth, but this is about the extent of care your rose will need to flourish.

All our ground cover roses are delivered "bare-root", following a trusted method where they are lifted from the fields in the Autumn and stored in a cool environment until delivery, promoting stronger root systems, and producing earlier flowers and better results the following spring.

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