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Complete Second Cropping Potato Growing Kit

Complete ’Second Cropping’ Potato Growing Kit

Grow potatoes - anywhere!
Complete 'Second Cropping' Potato Growing Kit - Item: 350017
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This Complete Second Cropping Potato Growing Kit means that anyone can now grow delicious, fresh potatoes. You don’t even need a garden as a patio, balcony or courtyard will do! Just add compost and water and you’ll soon be harvesting your first new potatoes.

We have included three popular ’second cropping’ varieties: Charlotte, Maris Peer and Nicola, which are all second salad types with very good flavour:

Charlotte - One of the most popular salad potatoes in the UK, the instantly recognisable, oval-shaped tubers can grow much larger than other salad varieties and have a firm yellow waxy flesh.

Maris Peer - Chosen for its superb flavour, they are best when boiled and maintain a firm texture that does not split.

Nicola - Well-shaped, oval potatoes with creamy flesh that are perfect whether hot or cold - one of the tastiest new potatoes.

These special seed potatoes have been held in cold store until now and will grow rapidly once planted - right up to the end July to give you ‘new’ potatoes through autumn and even up to Christmas.

This is the perfect way to grow your own potatoes and what’s even better is it requires no back-breaking digging whatsoever!

Each one of these special kits includes 3 x 30 Litre Heavy Duty Pots, 3 varieties of Turbo Tubers (x 6 tubers of each) PLUS 1kg Of Organic Potato Fertiliser. This special technique has been used by professional growers for years, but now you can do the same at home!

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