Flowering Japanese Cherry Brilliant
Flowering Japanese Cherry Brilliant
Flowering Japanese Cherry Brilliant
Flowering Japanese Cherry Brilliant

Flowering Japanese Cherry 'Brilliant'

The best Japanese cherry blossom.
  • A variety of Japanese Fuji Cherry featured in their national Cherry Blossom festivals.
  • This small, compact tree is smothered in purest white, dainty flowers every spring.
  • And you get fabulous autumn orange and yellow colours in the leaves, before they fall for winter.
  • Will grow to approx. 4m (13ft) in 10 years. Fully winter hardy. Perfect in lawns as specimen trees.
  • Supplied as 2L potted plant.

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2L pot
Item: 500192
2L pot - Item: 500192
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This small flowering Cherry tree is a real show-off in spring, its purest white displays lasting for days and days. A  variety of the famed Japanese Fuji cherries, so famous in their spring cherry blossom festivals. You can now recreate that amazing spectacle in your garden every spring, plus in autumn, you get gorgeous orange and yellow colour tones as a last hurrah, before the leaves fall.

A perfect small tree as a specimen or lawn planting, reaching only 3-4m in 10-15 years, and a nice rounded shape, so easy to manage too, a real garden winner!

What Is Supplied

Item 500192 supplied as:
Supplied as 2L potted plant. Will grow to approx. 4m (13ft) in 10 years. Fully winter hardy.

Plant Care Information

Scented / Fragrant
Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
Wildlife Friendly

Top Tips

Best planted in autumn, from October to November. Choose a sheltered location (to protect the blossom when it emerges in the spring).

Care Information

  • Dig a square hole as deep as the roots and approximately 1.5x as wide.
  • Add Mycorrhizal fungi to the planting hole to help the plant establish quicker.
  • Spread the roots if possible from the soil bundle and place into the planting hole.
  • Mix well-rotted compost or manure with the soil taken from the hole and then use to backfill around the tree.
    Keep well-watered until established.
  • Keep the area free of competing weeds and protect the tree with a rabbit guard if necessary to protect your young cherry tree.
  • Pruning your tree for the first few years will create a more balanced branch framework - prune after flowering and before the new shoot growth appears to create an open goblet shape - removing any twisted, damaged or dead branches.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

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Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
300 cm
300 cm
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