Begonia Heaven Scent Begonia Heaven Scent
Begonia Heaven Scent
Begonia Heaven Scent

Begonia 'Heaven Scent'

Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Protect From Frost
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
  • A world's first, each colour bloom has its own scent.
  • Giant rose-like flower heads measuring 4-5in.
  • Collection of peach and apricot pastel shades.
  • Perfect for pots or beautiful indoor displays.
  • Supplied as 12 plug plants ready to plant between April and June for optimum performance.
12 Plug Plants - Item: 400487
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10 Tubers - Item: (630166)
Only £14.99
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Product Description

World First! At last, truly fragrant  Begonias - a summer long display of gorgeous large blooms, each colour a different scent!! Its true! These really are the very first truly Fragrant Trailing Begonias! Flower power and gorgeous soft scent all wrapped in one sensational flower.

These gorgeous plants are admired both for their delightful fragrance as well as their giant rose-like blooms. Their aromatic scent literally fills the air with a delicious medley of fragrances ranging from fresh citrus lemon to indulgent soft rose. Each amazing flower head measures up to 4-5' across - so large in fact that they will hang down in a beautiful waterfall cascade of soft pink, peach pastels and apricot shades. Plant them in hanging baskets, tubs and planters where they can tumble down over the side, they thrive in hot and dry, or wet and windy Summers - one of the main reasons behind their success.

A small posy of them also makes a lovely indoor display as does floating a few heads in a large bowl. Of course both will smell simply fantastic! Be one of the first to share in this remarkable breeding achievement, our Customers have been snapping these up for the last 2 years we have had them available, and it's easy to see why! Get all 'Aromantic' with these Fragrant Begonias.

What Is Supplied

Item 400487 supplied as:
Supplied as 12 plug plants (1.5 - 2cm diameter) ready to plant between April and June for optimum performance.

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Begonia 'Heaven Scent'
Begonia 'Heaven Scent'
10 Tubers
Item: 400487
Only £14.99