Acer Japanese Maple Collection 3 plants

Amazing Autumn foliage

These stunning Acers are guaranteed to make an impact in your garden for years to come! Fully hardy even in the coldest winters they lose their leaves in winter, only to burst with incredible colour in spring. The stunning foliage changes colour throughout the year, producing an amazing array of colours in Autumn.

With this incredible collection you get 3 beautiful and highly desirable Acer plants, carefully selected to give a complimentary colour mix. Acers are slow growing, making them ideal for growing in large pots or smaller gardens, where once planted, they are very easy to maintain, and reward you with gorgeous foliage displays for many years. They do well in light shade, as the brightest Summer hot sun can scorch the paler coloured leaves occasionally.

Being slow growing, and difficult to propagate, they are usually much more expensive, but we have a very special offer available. 

Varieties Included:
Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum' Deep burgundy-purple leaves that turn an even more brilliant shade of bright red in Autumn, just before they fall. The classic red-leaved maple. 
Acer palmatum 'Butterfly': A fantastic variety with lacy, fine foliage. Its leaves are grey green and beautifully marginned with cream tinged with pink.. It forms a 3m bush in 20 years. A must have for any garden!
Acer 'Orange Dream': Bright orange new growth, which fades to yellow in the autumn. It is a great specimen shrub that grows to 3m over 20 years.

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Growing Tips
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It is recommended that young plants are potted on into a medium size (4 - 6in) pot for a few weeks before moving to final position. Plants already in such pots can be planted out f conditions allow or can also be moved to a larger pot either permanently or to transplant later.

On receipt

Open the protective packaging and examine the plants, watering if they have become dry during transit. It is best to allow the plants to settle for a day or two before potting by standing upright in the green blister pack in a cool well lit place and keeping moist.


Potting on before planting out will ensure a strong well proportioned plant is transferred to the garden. Plants from tissue culture - such as these - grow rapidly and should soon fill the pot. Choose a good quality compost with an open free draining structure. An ideal planting medium would be proprietary 'container compost' that has been blended with about 25% John Innes No. 3. This will provide good structure and drainage and sufficient fertiliser to aid development. Pot plants individually such that the top of the plug is at or just below soil level. Firm and water well.

Growing on

Grow on in a sunny or part shaded location. A cold frame or unheated greenhouse is suitable but the plants can be happily grown on outdoors. It is crucial that the plants are not allowed to dry out and will need daily attention, particularly in hot weather. Once the plants have established and are growing steadily they should be fed weekly with a balanced liquid feed.

Planting out

It is worth bearing in mind that your plants will establish as a handsome feature in the garden and if planted in the border will need space to thrive. We suggest at least 18in spacing from other plants. Similarly we would recommend planting singly in all but the largest containers. Plants will be ready for transfer to their intended final location once they have grown to fill the pot and roots have reached the pot sides.

Cultivate the planting area well and incorporate a general fertiliser such as 'Growmore' or Fish Blood and Bone. If possible avoid planting out in any prolonged hot dry weather. Make a planting hole that is large enough to take the entire root ball and plant so that the base of the plant is at or just below soil level. Firm in and water well.

Many of our perennials are suitable for container planting and will provide handsome patio plants for years to come. Choose ample frost proof containers - ideally of at least 12in across and use good compost. In our experience a 50 /50 mix of John Innes No.3 and a soil less container compost is ideal for this purpose and is sufficiently moisture retentive. Pay particular attention to summer watering of perennials in containers as they are more liable to dry out than border grown plants.

*See below for notes on various genus

Acanthus: Prefers shade or partial shade. Tolerant of most soils but best in deep fertile ones with moisture and good drainage.

Agastache: Plant in a sunny position in the border or in patio pots. Ensure good drainage. Remove spent flower heads to prolong flowering.

Astrantia: Best in a sunny or part shaded situation in fertile moisture retentive soil. Deadhead regularly when flowering.

Bergenia: An easy to grow low maintenance plant with winter foliage interest. Best in a sunny or part shaded position with good drainage. Good in containers.

Campanula: Equally at home as a spreading border plant or in containers. Grow in sun or part shade and avoid water-logging.

Coreopsis: In a sunny spot they are easy to care for and have few special requirements. Good in containers too. Hardy unlike many other Coreopsis.

Corydalis: Likes a cool shady spot with moderately fertile soil. Avoid water logging. Good in containers, water here when almost dry to prevent getting over wet and ensure compost is free draining.

Dicentra: Grow in shade in moist loamy soil. Water in dry spells to prevent summer dormancy. King of Hearts will tolerate some sun.

Echinacea: The new hybrids in our range are a vast improvement on older seed raised kinds with different flower forms and colours. Flowers are non fading and are produced freely and over a long period. The first season is of establishment. In subsequent summers full flowering can be expected from July. Plant in sunny borders in fertile well drained soil allowing 2 feet between plants to allow space to develop. More compact varieties such as the Secret series are excellent in containers.

Eucomis: Grow in sun or part shade in moist humus rich soil. These compact plants are best at the front of borders and are excellent in containers.

Gaillardia: Grow in full sun in fertile well drained soil. Free flowering, versatile and equally at home in pots or border.

Heuchera: Grow in sun or part shade in borders or patio pots in good or moderately good soil or compost. Avoid soils that become waterlogged. Remove spent flower stems to prolong flowering.

Heucherella: Best in shade or part sun in fertile well drained soils.

Hellebores: Plant in shade or part shade, preferably in fertile humus rich soil. Remove old leaves in winter before flowering commences.

Hosta: Plant in shade in rich soil - if possible containing plenty of organic matter. Superb in containers. Avoid burying the crown of plant when planting. Slugs can be a problem and a grit mulch can help.

Kniphofia: Plant in a sunny position in deep fertile well drained soil. Avoid any area that is prone to water logging particularly in winter.

Lathyrus Vernus: Grow in moist, fertile, well-drained soil in border. If in pots be sure to keep moist.

Leucanthemum: Best in a sunny spot in fertile well drained soil although will tolerate light shade. Also suitable for growing in pots.

Lobelia: Best in full sun or light shade in a moist fertile soil. Watering in summer dry spells will improve flowering. A good subject for containers but keep well watered.

Penstemon: Good in a sunny spot either in border or container. Needs just an average soil to thrive. Cut back spent flower stems to prolong bloom time.

Pulmonaria: Plant in a shady moist border - giving room to spread - or in pots. Keep pots well watered in summer. Mulch in winter with leaf mould or similar.

Rudbeckia: Best in full sun in a moist but well drained border. Divide every 3-4 years to maintain vigour.

Scabiosa: Plant in full sun in very well drained mineral soil. Cut back old flowers to promote re-blooming. Avoid areas prone to winter water logging.

Sedum: Best in a sunny border with mineral well drained soil. Needs only moderate fertility as overfeeding will result in excessive leafy growth and fewer flowers.

Tiarella: Good in part shade around high branching shrubs where soil is moist and has a high organic matter content.

Verbascum: A sunny border with well drained moderately fertile soil is best. Avoid crowding by surrounding plants. Cut back old stems as flowers fade for repeat flowers.

Viola: Best in part or full shade. A good plant for the front of a border in moist humus rich soil. Also excellent in pots.

Yucca: Alkaline, very well drained soils such as silty loams are best and a sunny position is essential. Tolerates drought better than most. Good in a large container in a loamy compost.

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Supplied in 10.5cm pot - 1 each of 3 varieties, apporx 20cm tall, and well-branched
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NA when making enquiries they got back very quickly and delt with the problem
very efficiently
- Service rating : Arrived within a week
Product : Not sure yet as these plants could go either way but at the moment look very sorry for themselves, one was bear when they arrived (leaves in box), the other two lost theirs within 24 hours of arriving. I now have 3 small twigs in plant pots although I think at least one is still alive, can't tell with the other two, I will have to wait and see.......
++ Service rating : Plants arrived well packaged and healthy.
Product : Small but strong looking plants.Potted on and will plant out in Spring.
+ Service rating : The order came through within 7 days which was quick efficient service
Product : The acers were in good health ,but the plants had been knocked about during transportation,as i found a lot of loose compost soil in the bottom of the box.They are now in larger pots inside the green house,awaiting to eventually go outside in the ground or on show.
+ Service rating : Delivering on time with plants in good condition
Product : Followed plant instructions and await 2016 for continued growth
++ Service rating : I am so pleased with the excellent service I received from you, the goods were wonderfully packed and the delivery was supper fast.
Product : .Have left plants in their pots, to over winter in my potting shed, where I hope next Spring to have a lovely array of potted Acers.
- Service rating : Speedy delivery.
Product : Poor condition
++ Service rating : Very efficient service
Product : Arrived in very good condition
+ Service rating : Excellent service and delivery times
Product : Bit battered in transit but strong looking little trees I think they'll be ok
- Third plant pot/holder was present but could not locate the plant although some root ball present. Inexpensive offer purchase but never the less a little disappointing
+ Service rating : First time of using.
Product : Well packed and labelled.
++ Service rating : Easy to order, timely delivery and excellent protective packaging.
Product : Plants arrived in good condition. They are small, but represent excellent value for money.
++ Service rating : Plants arrived speedily and in excellent condition.
Product : Well packaged and labelled.
++ Service rating : Good communication. Plants arrived quickly, healthy and well packaged.
Product : Well packaged and healthy plants.
++ Service rating : Ordered and delivered in less than a week!
Product : All three look very healthy plants.
++ Service rating : It does what it's name suggests - it was Blooming Direct! Plants were delivered BEFORE the estimated date! Excellent.
Product : Well packaged lovely healthy plants
+ Service rating : Arrived on time
Product : Good quality plants
++ Service rating : Delivered in a timely fashion.
Product : Good quality plants.
++ Service rating : Excellent service and great price. Very happy with everything
Product : Great price, well packed and healthy plants. Will definitely use this company for more plants
++ Service rating : Very good to deal with
Product : My wife was delighted with the items and they are "doing well"!
+ Service rating : good company to do business with, matches all of the top boys for speed of delivery and product but better prices.
Product : good quality plants for the price
++ Service rating : Packaging was excellent.
Product : So far so good, but only if they don't die!
+ Fast efficient service
++ Service rating : Arrived very securely and promptly
Product : Very good plants, bushy and not tall and spindly. Bought as a birthday present for my son. He was very impressed with the quality.
++ Service rating : It was easy to choose what I wanted and it was easy to place an order. The website is very well designed and makes it very easy to browse through. I bought 3 Acers at a very reasonable price.
Product : The plants arrived well packed and in good condition.
+ Service rating : Packing of plants very good indeed. They arrived in excellent condition
Product : Sturdy, healthy plants.Looking forward to watching their progress.
++ The company were very prompt in sendiing
NA Don't look to healthy at the moment see how they look during winter into spring
++ Service rating : Good value offers
Product : Nice little plants.
++ Service rating : Fast service. Easy to understand instructions.
Product : Very strong plants expertly packed. Very good value for the money.
++ Service rating : Everything I have ordered from Blooming Direct has ben excellent
Product : these have arrived well packaged and very healthy
++ Service rating : Good website. Fast delivery. Good range of products. Competitive prices.
Product : An exciting collection in good condition
++ Service rating : Quick efficient delivery
Product : Plants in good condition
+ Service rating : As usual great fast service
Product : Great trees, just a little smaller than I thought
+ Service rating : Easy to use website and plants arrived earlier than originally expected.
Product : Plants arrived in good condition and were immediately potted up.
++ Service rating : Packing was very good and plants arrived safely and healthy.
Product : Will now wait 20 years to leave feedback on the way they grew!
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