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Blooming Direct is a family-run business, built from the ground up on the beautiful floral island of Jersey - famed worldwide for its warm, plant-friendly weather and horticultural excellence. We produce millions of plants in our recently built, state of the art glasshouse nursery for gardeners across the UK and Europe.

Genuine JerseyOur background is well rooted in the staples of Jersey agriculture and horticulture - the Jersey Cow, the Jersey Royal new potato, flower production and young plant raising. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the horticultural industry, and our many years of experience enables us to give our customers unrivalled service. Each plant we send out is picked fresh from the nursery, subjected to strict quality checks and sent to you with the very minimum of handling - to ensure that you receive the highest quality plants. Blooming Direct is a member of the Genuine Jersey organisation, which supports and promotes Jersey businesses. Membership of the association and use of the distinctive red mark is a guarantee of local provenance.

We grow the majority of our plants on our nursery in the beautiful parish of St Martin. Our brand new, hi-tech nursery was constructed in 2011, and utilises state of the art technology, full environmental control and eco-friendly elements in the design - in other words, we've done all we can to produce the best plants possible so that they thrive in your garden.

The NurseryWe also hand pick some select plants from top growers around the UK and Europe, to ensure that you have a complete range of the very best plants to make your garden sparkle!

Most of the plants we sell are supplied as Plug plants, where we have done the difficult germination and propagation work, so offering you great value and a good head start on your garden planting. By buying plugs and growing on for a few weeks you will save pounds over garden centre prices.

We're committed to offering you a high quality shopping experience, from your purchase on our easy to use website, right through to the very best advice from our experts. If you need any help or have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Simply Contact Us via this link and let us know what's on your mind - and don't forget to visit our blog!

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